Guiding Families Through Life's Transitions

At D4 Fiduciary and Business Advisory Services our mission is to establish trust and preserve your legacy. D4 Fiduciary understands the transitions of life are often defined by the four D's: death, divorce, disagreement & departure. Our vision is to handle the administration of transitions impacting your Estate and Trust allowing you to focus on your family’s needs while having the peace of mind that your legacy has the proper oversight. Located in Napa, California, we help clients throughout the state.

D4 Fiduciary is here to serve as an independent executor for your loved one's Estate. We transition assets that remain titled under the descendants name to heirs and/or creditors whether passing by Will, contract or by law.
D4 Fiduciary and Business Advisory Services provides personal and confidential trust administration. We will remove the stress and family conflict of administering a trust from appointed family members and remove personal liability associated with serving as a trustee.
We can function as: Special Trustee for Closely Held Companies, Trust Protector with oversight of other fiduciaries and Special Trustee for International clients.
We support families through succession planning decisions and can manage specialty assets, family lifestyle accommodations and philanthropy.
Our ​Business Advisory practice serves individuals or families who own closely held businesses with ownership interest held in trust or directly.
Our Founder, Janette Brooks, is a Financial Expert and Fiduciary who serves as an independent board member for private or small cap companies.